When we’ve met and discussed in detail what you’d like from your garden the design stage will commence.  You will be consulted along the way and once completed you will receive a full garden design package that can include a scale plan, technical drawings should they be necessary, planting plan if selected and detailed 3D renders of what your project will look like upon completion – just to get you really excited!  Bespoke packages are available to suit your budget and provide you with exactly what you want – hopefully, the garden of your dreams

Please take a look at the design portfolio page for more inspiration on what your garden can become

Planting design

Having studied planting design at various levels including most prominently in a course designed and lectured by world famous designer Piet Oudolf and mentored by the revered plantsman Noel Kingsbury, I specialise in producing high quality, sustainable planting designs.  Whilst any style can be accommodated my expertise lies in perennial schemes with an emphasis on plants which will provide long seasons of interest, including throughout winter when elegant, frosty seedheads and stands of foliage can be a highlight of the gardening year. With a particular passion for including bulbs in my designs you can be sure my planting scheme will give you a garden that will provide you with year-round interest and beauty.

For more information on the “New Wave” perennial style I highly recommend having a look at the two books below as the perfect starting point:

A detail from a planting plan detailing an expanse of largely perennial planting
Site survey

Once we’ve met to discuss your garden design I, or in some cases a third-party topographic surveyor, will undertake a full survey of your garden. This is to ensure the design is a bespoke and beautiful scheme sympathetic to the topography, situation and context of your property and that costed estimates for the build phase are as precise and realistic as possible

Hard landscaping

At the current time I am working on a design-only basis. I have been very fortunate to be asked to be part of the significant development of an exciting, large private garden/estate in Norfolk and will be absorbed with this on a day-to-day basis for several years. If you require design work, please, get in touch! If you are looking for a hard landscaper in Norfolk please get in touch and I may be able to help point you in the right direction

I am an experienced landscaper and will ensure to build all garden elements, including patios, ponds, raised beds, pergolas and more, to the highest standard.  By being part of the build I can ensure that all the important small ingredients of the design – the pattern of cobble-work, the joins in timber, the specific relationships between materials in the garden – are all completed with the greatest attention to detail. This significant practical experience aids me in my design work at all times – many are able to make something look nice on paper, or the computer screen, but gardens are living things, to be lived in. They must be easy to maintain, sustainable, well-grounded – my hard landscaping experience ensures my designs are all of these things.

A series of images detailing various aspects of hard landscaping undertaken by Llewellyn Landscape & Garden Design
Soft landscaping

Upon completion of the construction of any hard elements of your garden I will deliver your specially selected plants and ensure the ground is prepared for their introduction.  Each one will be lovingly placed in line with the planting plan to ensure the very best display for years to come. I adore planting, I’m a complete garden nerd, and love creating a scheme that will enhance any hard landscaping and bring changing pleasure through the seasons

Distance designs

This is the ideal service for someone who is perhaps further afield but would still love me to design their garden.  Communication via telephone, email and/or video chat to suit, including photographs and details of your garden, replaces the initial face to face meetings and the design package can be posted or delivered virtually.  If you’re interested in a distance design please get in touch

Garden maintenance

I spent a good number of years in charge of the maintenance of several large South Norfolk properties.  As the rest of the business has grown, I’ve taken a step back from being physically involved in the maintenance of these properties and have introduced highly skilled gardeners to take over duties. 

Because of the scale of the design and build projects that Llewellyn Landscape & Garden Design undertakes it is now not possible to take on any maintenance work.  If you are seeking this kind of work I highly recommend looking for personal or local recommendations, and viewing the work of prospective gardeners if at all possible


All gardens are different, as are the requirements of each individual client.  With this in mind any costs will depend upon many factors including the size of your garden and what sort of package you would like.  All costs are bespoke but all customers are treated with complete equity when it comes to determining these costs.

Design fees tend to sit between £850 and £3000 inc VAT and builds are normally valued at between £175 and £300 per square metre, though a fully costed bespoke quote or costed estimate is always provided particular to each garden design and build. For an absolutely obligation-free chat about your ideas and your garden, during which Keith will be able to give more of an idea of pricing, contact LLGD now