Please slide the arrows left and right above to get a before and after view of this perennial garden design.

This large perennial garden, set in the beautiful South Norfolk village of Saxlingham Nethergate, was essentially a blank canvas.  The client knew that they wanted a simple design, but one that would greatly increase the amount of planting space.  Strong linear beds were introduced down both sides of the garden, with the fence behind being painted a strong and high quality black.  The beds were edged with single-height green oak sleepers and filled with new screened top soil and improved with compost.

The planting revolves around rhythmically placed Buxus sempervirens balls surrounded by clouds of perennials.  Large swathes of grass species – including Stipa gigantea and tenuissima and Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ – act as a foil for the colourful array of perennial species.  These include various Verbascum sp., Lavandula sp., Verbena bonariensis, Nepeta sp., and aromatic and herbal elements including rosemary, thyme and oregano.  A significant planting of bulbs increases the perennial diversity and includes species such as Narcissus ‘Replete’, Allium ‘Haarlem Superglobe’ and Eremurus sp.  A newly planted Betula utilis Jacquemontii completes the soft landscaping.

Other bespoke elements include a hibernaculum, gabion and green oak bench and an additional oak raised bed planted with Phyllostachys nigra, black bamboo, to help screen the only point of the garden which is overlooked.

The gallery below contains before, in progress and after images immediately after planting.  Check back for an update once the garden has been given time to mature.