Llewellyn Landscape and Garden Design prides itself on having as positive an impact as possible on the environment

In itself the creation of a garden, however big or small, should have a positive effect on the local environment.  Keith always makes sure to design planting with biodiversity in mind – whilst focussing on native plants is a feature of LLGD’s planting designs non-native plants are also used where they have a track record of being a beneficial addition to a garden.  Hard landscaping is also designed with wildlife in mind – this may include a small gap under a fence for local hedgehogs, small spaces in walls designed for insect habitation or the inclusion of separate bespoke bee, butterfly and other insect houses.  The plants themselves are almost entirely sourced from a local grower in Norfolk – travelling only a matter of miles in their entire lives

It’s clear the garden will be beneficial in the long run but it is also important to try and make its creation have as little negative impact as possible.  For this reason LLGD source things like cement powder with the lowest CO2 production during its manufacture, slabs or bricks which have been ethically created with the best work conditions in the industry, wood from well-managed renewable plantations or reclaimed materials which can be up- or re-cycled.  Keith will be very happy to talk about the various ways in which we try to mitigate the impact building the garden can have with you at any time during the project – it is a genuine passion of his

Bumbleee on sedum

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