This was a lovely tumbling, loose sort of project where nothing was down on paper, things were made to feel right and from a mixture of new and reclaimed materials. Working closely with the client we have worked on the planting, completed the pond, driveway, paths, re-scaped the rear lawn, planted trees in the meadow across the road, supplied plants and even supplied the oak for their beautiful new porch. All in all this added up to a fairly comprehensive little project, which it needed to be, given that the project on the house involved transforming it from a nondescript bungalow to a beautiful cottage-style dwelling with an incredible galleried upstairs space, dormer windows, barge boards, reclaimed smut tiles, timber windows and the aforementioned oak porch. Just great to see the project – both house and garden – come together for such trusting clients.

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With her older sister already a dab hand at helping on the digger this project gave the opportunity to give 2 month old J her first lesson