Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors

Mary Cantwell

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Pool and entertainment garden of their dreams

A large, no-holds-barred garden design for fantastic clients in Essex including outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, sunken fire pit, integrated hot-tub, gym, office, terraces, planting, lighting, incredible metal louvered pergolas and a water feature…in fact, is there anything it hasn’t got?! Click the image above for more

Large luxury garden

A fantastic project to work on, this design saw the development of the garden from a new-build quagmire to a wrap-around, multi-zone, high-specification space including porcelain and limestone patios, raised beds, a naturalistic pond, lots of planting space and a water feature and statuary from Foras

Contemporary split-level garden

This garden had become outgrown and outdated and needed a major facelift – introducing two levels meant the space was more useable and sleek, rectilinear design throughout ensured a contemporary facelift that met the modern needs of the client

Fountain courtyard

A lovely little space within a larger garden, this courtyard was screaming out for a redesign as it served as the main focal point from the windows from both kitchen and living room. A relatively traditional courtyard with a bit of modern Madridian flavour ticked all the boxes and realised the space’s potential

The Broads holiday home

A large, high-budget scheme for an amazing property on the Norfolk Broads serving largely as an extension of the entertainment space indoors which can operate either as one large space for parties or separate into zones for smaller gatherings. The outdoor kitchen is an incredible addition from Grillo Kitchens

Small family country garden

A sweet property in the South Norfolk Countryside, this garden needed updating to work better for the family living here and to bring some life back into the space

A triangular garden of two halves

A really fun project in an awkwardly shaped plot, this scheme became a garden of two halves with one half being slightly more formal for entertaining, sitting and enjoying and the other half a wilder space with standout naturalistic stream water feature and medicinal planting

Tree planting proposal

Not limited to just full garden designs, this tree proposal is a good example of the many services on offer