LLGD is here to help you create the landscape or garden of your dreams


Keith Llewellyn has a passion for the natural world and the creative arts – landscape and garden design is the ultimate combination of the two

He studied for his Bachelor’s degree in History of Art at Warwick University and went on to gain his Undergraduate Certificate in Architecture at Nottingham University a year later.  He has been working in the landscape industry since moving to Norfolk from Nottingham.  After studying Horticulture and Garden Design at a local college he went on to study with the Oxford College of Garden Design.  Coupled with his upbringing in rural Somerset in the stunning garden his grandfather and father created this extensive visual, creative, design and horticultural education provides the perfect backbone to support Keith’s passion for creating the landscape or garden you want

LLGD is pleased to complete your landscape and garden design in Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and beyond

Keith is based near Norwich in Norfolk and enjoys taking on projects within Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and further afield when the opportunity arises.  If you have a project, regardless of location, that you would like to discuss with Keith feel free to get in touch

LLGD has a particular passion for gardens which interact harmoniously with the natural world.  This ethos is particularly apparent in the planting where there is a focus on plants which will help the garden support a diverse and rich ecosystem.  Keith at Llewellyn Landscape and Garden Design is passionate about giving you the landscape or garden you want in a creative, beautiful and sustainable way.  For more information on how LLGD is striving to be a green business click here

Keith is happy to discuss any project you can imagine and would love to work with you to create the landscape or garden of your dreams.  If you’re excited to see what’s possible contact LLGD now

Keith Llewellyn of LLGD