This garden has been created in various phases over a couple of years now. It is always a great pleasure to return to these customers (and not just because they are incredibly generous with refreshments!)

The first project here was the main sandstone patio. We together selected Modak Rose as the colour and edged with a mixture of Global Stone Mellow, Tudor and Rose Cottage handmade clay pavers. By mixing the colour options in the edging it gives the bricks a more reclaimed appearance and tied in well with the beautiful designed, cottagey home.

The large entertainment space nestles within the natural courtyard created by the house and has replaced a poor block paver yard that had originally been installed.

Our second project was to significantly improve the frontage of the house both in appearance and technical construction. The original builders had left the damp-proof course breached over several linear metres along with an impractically large brick raised bed filled with builders’ rubble. In its stead we built a green oak raised bed with an integral bench, perfect for morning coffee amongst the plants, and more Modak Rose sandstone paving. My favourite elements of this section of the garden are the local stone wall sections at the side of the entrance ramp and the bespoke, terracotta rose-centred detail in the paving in front of the bench. I absolutely love details like this. The raised bed was filled with a floriferous, abundant mixture of plants to provide seasonal, culinary and colourful interest.

A very kind review from this customer – always much appreciated

The final element (for now) for this garden was a sweet herringbone brick terrace adjacent to the location for new (as yet not installed) double-doors from the living room out into the garden. With a curved edge layout and bijou scale this small yet impactful installation has added a lot to this otherwise overlooked section of the house and garden. My favourite part of this part of the project is the on-edge roof tile inlay in the border, mirroring the tile inlay in the mosaic in front of the raised bed. I absolutely love this bespoke work and find it really helps honour the context and make the project truly individual.

As with almost all of my paving work this also has a bespoke pointing mix, with a mixture of sands, cements and grits to augment the paving or surroundings.

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